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La Patrouille des USA sur le 26 ème El Tour de Tucson

Communiqué n° 38

Aux USA, le Cyclosport est également une activité très populaire et symbolique du rassemblement des cyclistes de toute condition et de tous niveaux.
El Tour de Tucson (Arizona) près de la frontière mexicaine en territoire Navajo , regoupe chaque année plusieurs milliers de participants dont parfois des Pros de haut standing (7600 participants en 2007), la 26ème edition de El Tour de Tucson, se déroulera le 22 Novembre 2008.
L'organisateur de El Tour, a mis en place une Patrouille depuis plusieurs années sur l'épreuve (The Bike Patrol), dont la mission était jusqu'alors de tenir un rôle de Commissaire de course et d'assistance technique aux pratiquants, 2008 sera la première édition de cette épreuve légendaire de l'Ouest américain, où les valeurs environnementales seront mises en avant et feront partie intégrante du travail des Patrouilleurs (environ 60 volontaires).
Un rapprochement des idées du Programme ECO CYCLO que nous saluons.
El Tour de Tucson et Le Tour du Mont Fuji au Japon, devraient également communiquer sur ces actions de terrain , symboliques d'une prise de conscience mondiale, dans un schéma de partenariat avec le Programme ECO CYCLO et Global Sports Alliance.

The University Medical Center
El Tour de Tucson XXVI
presented by Diamond Ventures

Bike Patrol Manual

First, Thank You for being a Bike Patrol Member!!
Without you, this event would not be as good as it is!


Bike Patrol helps out in four ways during El Tour (and the three other Perimeter Bicycling events):

1) We spend lots of our efforts encouraging people;
2) We provide mechanical help (most often flats or chain coming off);
3) Those of us who are trained provide 1st Aid help – not too often, but when it is needed, it feels really good to be there to provide help! ;
4) We watch for and encourage people to obey the event rules (for specifics, see:!ETT/ElTourRules.htm ) and,
5) We also practice and advocate the principles of environmental awareness, reminding our cyclists to keep our earth clean - don't litter, drive less, use your bicycle, use a bicycle water bottle instead of buying a new bottle of water each time, etc.

Bike Patrollers have fun!  Bike Patrollers get immense satisfaction from helping others! Bike Patrollers help keep our earth clean !

1)All Bike Patrol members must wear their Bike Patrol T-shirt or jersey, and must attach all number tags (jersey, helmet or frame).
If you wish for pockets, consider using a fanny pack – it is a prefect substitute for jersey pockets!

2)Traffic and crowd control prior to start of El Tour:
Bike Patrol members should strive to direct participants to their proper starting area (VIP, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze).
Bike Patrol members will be assigned to a specific location at the starting area according to your expected finishing time. (or, where you can be most helpful)
Any participant cutting in line may be disqualified.
All participants must have a number (jersey, helmet or frame) in order to line up. If they have no number they will not be allowed to line up.
All participants must have an approved helmet!

3)Ride with your assigned Bike Patrol partner for the entire route (unless you have been approved by the Bike Patrol Director to ride alone).
The only reason to leave your partner is to go for help in the event of a crash, while your partner stays with the victim. Please avoid bunching up with other Bike Patrol members and do not ride in groups larger than 3 (Bike Patrol). Please maintain spacing so the Route is adequately covered.

4)Communications on the Route.
Any crashes or other incidents should be reported to Law Enforcement personnel (i.e., DPS, Tucson Police, Pima Sheriff’s, etc), or the next Aid-Station. These people will then pass the information on to Tour Headquarters. Or you may call the Hotline number (520-576-4115) and pass the information along that way.

5)Mechanical assistance to participants.
Your Suggested Tool Kit (assuming you know how to use all these tools):
3,4,5,6,7, & 8 mm Allen wrench set
adjustable wrench (6" is smaller and works for most needs)
chain tool and spoke wrench
tire boot material (Fiber “strapping” tape, piece of old tire, and/or duct tape)
26 x 1.5 and/or 700 x 23/25) tube(s) (old ones that you won't mind parting with – I swap patched tubes that I carry for one that is flat, then take the flat ones home and patch them after El Tour, for use in the next event)
tire levers & tire patch kit (REMA Tip Top or similar)
rag/cloth to wipe with
fiber strapping and/or duct tape
spray lubricant (small WD-40)
tire pump (that works with both presta & schrader)
Swiss army knife
Pen and Pencil

Bike Patrol members MUST stop to give mechanical assistance to any participant requiring help. If you see someone stopped on the side of the road, be sure to inquire as to whether or not they need help (“Do you need help?”). Even though all participants are reminded to carry, at a minimum, the above suggested tool & supplies, many do not. SAG vehicles on route may be contacted through Aid Stations, or by phone (number provided at packet pick up.

6)First-Aid assistance to participants.
Bike Patrol members should ONLY give first-aid assistance that they are trained and qualified for (which is generally basic).
In the event of a crash, STAY CALM, and either call the hotline, or one Bike Patrol member (the best qualified) stays with the victim while the other Bike Patrol member rides to the nearest aid-station, or Law Enforcement Officer to report the crash.
Bike Patrol members will be issued a First-Aid Kit.

7)Reporting of all crashes to Aid-Station Directors and Medical Director.
Bike Patrol members are required to complete a Rider Status Form in the event of any crash. The crash should be reported to the next aid-station and completed forms should be turned in to the Medical Director (Medical Tent is at the finish area).

8)Environmental Awareness
Please help make our cyclists aware of: 1) not littering; 2) Using re-usable bags when they shop (NO Plastic Bags!!), and 3) ALWAYS taking their discards (1st aid wrappers, empty gel packs, etc) with you. Above all else, think of how to reduce waste and throwaways !

9)Enforcement of Rules
Bike Patrol members should first warn any participants breaking the rules. If the action continues, the rider number of the participant(s) should be reported to Rules Committee Officials at the finish line. (Use your head and your good judgment).

Starting in front of the official start area - all cyclists must line up in "official" start line area - Probable Disqualification;
Cutting in line or climbing over barricades at the start lineup - Probable Disqualification;
Cycling without an approved helmet - Probable Disqualification;
Crossing a solid or double yellow line (no-passing zone) - Probable Disqualification;
Un-sportsmanlike conduct of any kind - Probable Disqualification;
Disobeying Police, Bike Patrol or other Event Officials - Probable Disqualification;
Public urination - Possible arrest, and/or Probable Disqualification;
Riding with, or receiving support from, unregistered cyclists (bandits) - Probable Disqualification;
Drafting or holding onto motorized vehicles, or receiving support from a moving vehicle - Probable Disqualification;
Drafting is allowed but discouraged. It causes most of the crashes every year.
Aero bars are prohibited, and may only be on a person's bike if they have a waiver letter in their possession. If they have no waiver, they may not line up at the start.
Cyclists must obey all traffic laws and traffic control personnel;
No more than two cyclists side-by-side, in locations where the road is not closed or controlled;
No hand-off’s at aid-stations or anywhere on the Route (please stop and tell the Aid Station Director if you see this happening at an Aid Station).

Please refer to the Official Rules Booklet for the complete listing of the rules. The ones listed above are the most important.

10)Bike Patrol should note any hazards (trash, dogs, cars, etc.) on the route and remove or report to the nearest Aid-Station.

11)Motivate cyclists!!!
A little encouragement goes a long way. Let’s face it, not everyone is going to have an easy time completing the Tour.
Any encouragement to those riders could be valuable in helping them finish the Tour! “You’re looking good!”

Communiqué officiel de Perimeter Bicycling.

Patrick François

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